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Kabuki Japanese Restaurant



Located at 1574 Main St, Peckville, PA 18452, our restaurant offers a wide array of authentic Japanese, Chinese & Thai food, such as Hibachi Chicken, Steak Teriyaki, Eel & Cucumber Roll, Volcano Roll, Yaki Udon, General Tso's Chicken, Pad Thai.
Try our delicious food and service today. Come in for a Japanese Lunch Special or during evenings for a delicious Japanese style dinner. You can also online order your favorite Japanese food for take out.
If you have any suggestion to our food or service, please go to the customer feedback page and leave us your suggestion or review. We will respond to your suggestion as soon as possible.



Alex D.

This is a very solid hibachi place. Not Many places like this around the Hamlin area. There is a full bar with all top shelf liquor. If you want to be spontaneous try their fish bowl. It has about 10 different varieties of liquor and it's a huge drink for 2 people. The food is pretty good as well. Going there for dinner tonight.


Holly H.

I have eaten here twice. Just recently the other night and it was fine. I ordered the vegetable hibachi dinner. The noodles and rice were very well done. The vegetables also. The best part is that I got 3 meals out of it so it was a great deal. They always give you free fruit after your meal so you get your sweetness-fix. The patrons are a bit much as they were all very loud with their obnoxious stories! I learned so much about two older ladies than I needed to and then a woman in a couple that came in was going overboard with spilling her story! The waitress was kind and sweet.


Josh R.

If i could give this zero stars i would. The soup was weird and cold, my salad was wet,my sushi was warm. The noodles and rice both tasted like they were made from play-doh. The chicken had a funny taste they thought they could cover with sauce. For 107 dollars my family got stuck on toilets for a day. I dont expect them to stay open much longer. Avoid this place


Jaclyn G.

The food is below average, at best. I got the chicken hibachi and it was so rubbery that you could bounce it like a ball. The service was the worst I have ever had in my entire life. The lady huffed and puffed every time we asked for something as small as another sauce. To the waitress that took care of us on February 11th between the hours of 1145 am and 1 pm. Get a new job, or you're going to need a new one from running customers out the door. We will NEVER go back. And Japanese is our favorite meal.


Leah S.

Best Japanese place in the area! This was the hot spot all throughout school and it never disappoints. The lunch special is such a good deal and comes with an abundance of food! The service is always quick and friendly. If you haven't been here yet I would check it out!


James D.

I just read Josh's review, and have to agree. There is a definite change in either ownership or caring for the food that is served. I recently had a takeout order and had the same experience. The chicken had a different odor, and I didn't take a chance on the rest of the meal, I tossed it. A shame, I loved this restaurant at one time.


Ivala G.

Super yummy! This was my first time ever at hibachi! The guy cooking our hibachi was really fun and joked a lot. He definitely made the experience awesome! He will throw food in your mouth & put on a show with his cooking utensils just to make you laugh! Great experience!


Brandy B.

The sushi was very good. The Udon was definitely not. The yaki udon was the most flavorless dish I've ever had. It had none of the veggies it listed in the description in the noodles. 2 super thin slices of pepper on the side of the dish doesn't warrant inclusion as a dish description, same for the non existent mushrooms onions, etc. The Nabekudon had a very strong chicken soup base flavor (which I didn't like, not fresh tasting at all) but not much else. Stick to the sushi if you go here.


Chris J.

I've eaten here a few times. Food is great but the atmosphere is loud and you kind of feel very rushed. There's no in between. Not a very relaxed atmosphere by any means. Kobe is more spread out and very quiet n relaxing. Kyoto the same too. It was just convenient from where we were the other night.


Jade H.

This is my go to sushi place to dine in or get take out. The sushi is always fresh and if you're dining in the wait staff is always attentive. If you're ever in the area and craving sushi, this place is the place to go!


C W.

One of the best sushi in the area. I don't try other food than sushi at Japanese restaurant around here. Sushi is fresh. I am not big fan of atmosphere and the tables, dishes are not very clean.Recommend:Overall sushiRainbow caviar rollQual egg!!!


Samantha M.

One of our favorite Japanese restaurants to go to, great & friendly staff who pretty much know our order by now. The Lackawanna Roll is to die for, just all around a great place to go. Whether is be a date night or a quick stop after work Kabuki is perfect.


Chris P.

This is a place where I can get my sushi and my girlfriend can get her hibachi.We don't sit at the entertainment cook top table because it's only us and we are not drunk...Yet lol.we always get the same type of food so it's consistent. I get a sushi roll , soft shell crab and she gets the beef and chicken with a crap ton noodles ,fried rice and salad with soup. So after she eats the soup salad,and rice the rest is always mine lol  the service is always friendly and they can be too attentive at times.


J. T.

This was a fun time. We really enjoyed this place. Oh sure it's the same show that they all put on banging the forks and spatula on the grill, squirting wine into your mouth. Throwing the food up in the air. It's just fun no matter how many times you've seen it. Our food was fresh, and delicious. It was family friendly, and not too expensive. We're coming back.


Melanie D.

Don't do it. Have standards. These people were physically and mentally unable to process simple tasks and instructions. The chef squirted sake in the mouths of consenting and semi-consenting people, and in the drinks of the non-consenting. Ruined my alcoholic beverage and my faith in humanity. Never again.


Shannon J.

My go-to sushi spot. I love that they offer rolls sans rice and the salmon sashimi is awesome. Very relaxed environment.


Joanna D.

I've only had their sushi. Gave it 2 tries. They have a large sushi selection but its mediocre quality and pretty flavorless. Wanted this place to be better but there's so many better sushi options in their area. No need to come back


Erika W.

This used to be my favorite place close by for sushi. It seems to have degraded since the previous owners left.


Carly R.

Friendly staff awesome food and convenient location. My dad lives close by so it's my favorite place to grab a bite when I go to visit him. The sushi is great and always fresh and the hibachi is just as fantastic!


Andrea H.

I'm a big hibachi person. I've been coming here for hibachi since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it's just been getting less and less about the show and the fun interactions between the cook and the guests and more of just cook and get it over with. But aside from that, the hibachi has never been a disappointment. Everything cooked on the grill tastes incredible, by far my favorite hibachi place in the area. The interior is lovely and quiet.